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Sunny   18° C
Humidity : 84%, Sunny Wind : E 2 km/h,
Pressure : 1015mb
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Entebbe Airport
77°F (25°C)
12 mph 200°
6 miles
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+3 hours from UTC/GMT
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Sun, 5 Jul 2015, 07:22

Entebbe Airport
Entebbe is best known for the raid by Israeli commandos to free Jewish hostages in the seventies but today it’s renowned as a peaceful and beautiful city located on the shores of Lake Victoria.More

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There’s not a huge amount to do in the city although the zoo is fun if you can’t afford to go out on safari. The zoo has all the local wildlife there, ostensibly under a conservation programme, and they are generally adequately looked after although not to exacting European or American standards so be prepared.

Near the zoo there’s also a small botanic garden which, according to the guide books, was used as a set for a Tarzan film although once you’re there you’ll think it unlikely. The gardens are not too well kept and in parts have been allowed to run wild.

Safaris can be cheap from Entebbe and especially so if you take a day or half day trip to the shores of Lake Victoria. Be careful if you try this by yourselves as the lake is renowned for hungry crocodiles as well as various other carnivores that aren’t too worried what they eat!

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