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Smoke   33° C
Humidity : 67%, Smoke Wind : S 0 km/h,
Pressure : 1001mb
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Multan Airport
89°F (32°C)
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+5 hours from UTC/GMT
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Thu, 2 Jul 2015, 21:46

Multan Airport
Multan is a great historic city but in a sad state of repair. At the crossroads of invading armies, many of its important buildings have been destroyed over the years with only their names left to remind us of how great the city was.More

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Before you leave for your trip to Multan make sure you arrange to collect a hire car when you arrive at Multan airport, you’ll need it to get around this huge city.

Begin at the sad ruins of Multan’s fort. Once a commanding piece of military architecture, it was destroyed by the occupying British forces in the 1850s leaving only stumps to remind you of what  it once was.  Also long gone are many of the city walls and the gates that provided the entrances through them. Some of the gates still stand but others remain only as names of modern business or residential districts.

One place that shouldn’t be missed during your stay is the Institute of Blue Pottery where craftsmen still make beautifully glazed ceramics from the local clay. The prices are very cheap because of the cost of local labour and the institute will gladly ship your pieces home for you.

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