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Thundery outbreaks in nearby   20° C
Humidity : 73%, Thundery outbreaks in nearby Wind : NW 9 km/h,
Pressure : 1021mb
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Twente Airport
Enschede is an intriguing city which faced disaster in recent times with the fireworks explosion, ten years ago, killing 23 people in the city. The blast destroyed a whole neighbourhood and, determined to find some good from the horror, the neighbourhood was rebuilt but with a museum telling the story of the city and its role in the textile industry of the Twente region.More

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Osnabruck is found east on the A30 and was heavily damaged in the Second World War. Some of the old town, outside the new centre, still exists including the Heger Tor gate. The most poignant attraction in the city is the museum which displays the work of Felix Nusbaum, a Jewish artist who was executed by the Nazis at Auschwitz. 

Munster is to the southeast on the E37 and is known for the large number of churches the city has. It’s also the home of the only gallery dedicated to the graphical work of Pablo Picasso. North on the A31 is Nordhorn. In keeping with northern German cities it’s mainly constructed of red brick. The city has been disciplined in not allowing more modern buildings to spoil the look of the city. More can be found out in the town’s museum found in the Povelturm building.

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