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Rabat Airport Arrivals & Departures

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Sale Airport
75°F (24°C)
15 mph 350°
4 miles
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+1 hours from UTC/GMT
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Sat, 21 Jan 2017, 08:14

Sale Airport
Rabat is the Moroccan capital yet not its biggest city. It has an easy going feel about it and many things for the interested visitor to see.More

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It’s on the coast at the mouth of one of Morocco’s few rivers and divided into two parts. The old city and commercial district is on one bank whilst the residential area is on the opposite bank. Places to see include the medina, or old city which has everything you’d want in a North African city from winding streets where the sun rarely reaches the ground, to huge colourful souks where everything you could possibly want and more is on sale to the best haggler!

Take some time out to visit Chellah, the site of old Rabat where the Carthaginians set up the first city only to have it captured by the Romans and then the Arabs. Today it lies abandoned apart from the thousands of birds who have made it their home. After a gruelling day looking around at the acres of ruins there, take some time out in the Kasbah where you’ll find elegant cafes waiting to serve you a refreshing lemon sherbet or a cool Moroccan beer.

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