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Fez Airport Arrivals & Departures

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Sais Airport
53°F (12°C)
5 mph 160°
6 miles
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+1 hours from UTC/GMT
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Thu, 24 Aug 2017, 02:39

Sais Airport
If you want to immerse yourself in North African culture, there’s no better place than Fez, the ancient capital of Morocco. The city is millennia old and has history by the bucket load.More

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The old city is surrounded by an ancient city wall, the closest comparable being that of Jerusalem. Inside, the medina of Fez El-Bali is the largest pedestrian only area of a city in the world. In the old city you’ll find huge sprawling souks, mosques, beautiful courtyards and buildings decorated with the typical Moroccan tiles.

Some of the sights and activities are unique to this city. Get a shave and a complete workout for your head, neck and shoulders at the local barbers then wander through the leather dying workshops where, despite the awful smell, you’ll see hundreds of different clay pits filled with bright colours waiting for the skins. If you’re lucky, a local boy will offer to give you a tour of the place in exchange for a few coins.

Many of the religious sites are off limits to non-Muslims but one that you can see is the 14th century religious college of Bou Inania which has stunning carved walls, intricate Islamic designs and a stately minaret.

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