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Miri Current Weather
Thunderstorm   32° C
Humidity : 75%, Thunderstorm Wind : NNW 11 km/h,
Pressure : 1005mb
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Miri Airport
87°F (31°C)
1 mph 340°
6 miles
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+8 hours from UTC/GMT
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Mon, 27 Jul 2015, 23:07

Miri Airport
At first sight, arriving at Miri Airport you may wonder why you’re there for the city is the centre of the Malaysia oil industry and oil fields abound. With a hire car and a closer look though, you’ll find lots to keep you entertained during a stay there.More

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You should begin with a visit to the Grand Old Lady, the first well that was dug in Malaysia and its complementary museum. There you’ll find out how oil changed the destiny and fortunes of the country. There are two great beaches nearby; the Esplanade beach, the most popular with locals and tourists and Taman Selera, a favourite of local families who spend weekends there.

Diving is a popular activity and there are virtually unspoilt coral gardens off Miri which you can dive with the help of local dive guides. Lambir National Park which begins just outside the city is another welcome return to nature and there are fabulous trails that wind through it leading to a spectacular waterfall.

San Ching Tian Temple in the city is the largest Taoist temple in this region of Asia and as well as being a beautiful building, has a peaceful atmosphere in tune with the ideals of the religion.

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