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Tabriz Airport Arrivals & Departures

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Tabriz Airport
48°F (9°C)
7 mph 60°
6 miles
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+4 hours from UTC/GMT
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Thu, 24 Aug 2017, 14:32

Tabriz Airport
Tabriz was, for a while, Iran’s second city but periods of prosperity and decline currently see it languishing once more. It’s an attractive city with a long history although the propensity of earthquakes in the region have meant that it has been totally destroyed on a number of occasions, limiting the availability of archaeological and historic remains.More

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There are a number of interesting places to visit whilst in Tabriz with the Blue Mosque one of the most interesting. Once one of the most beautiful mosques in the Middle East, renowned for the splendour of its vivid blue interior tiling, earthquake damage and subsequent looting of the tiles led to most of them being removed and blue paint applied to the walls instead. An idea of its original splendour can be got from looking at the few remaining tiles around the porch.

Tabriz’s bazaar is said to be one of the most ancient in the Middle East and as such has gained UNESCO protection.  Akin to the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, if you can escape from it in less than a day you will have done well.

After all the hustle and bustle of the bazaar, head for El Goli, one of Tabriz’s most beautiful parks. In the centre of the park is a lake with an island restaurant which is one of the most attractive places to eat in the city.

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