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Hamburg Airport Arrivals & Departures

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Lubeck Blankensee Airport
37°F (3°C)
3 mph 80°
6 miles
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+2 hours from UTC/GMT
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Thu, 24 Aug 2017, 02:25

Lubeck Blankensee Airport
Hamburg is one of Europe’s wealthiest cities and has been for many centuries. The wealth developed from its important role in the Hanseatic League, a political and trade organisation that was powerful in the north of the country.More

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All around the city you’ll see signs of the wealth; from fabulous private residences to the country’s grandest town hall and the beautiful cathedral. You can reach Bremen by travelling along Autobahn 1 from Hamburg. The city was also a member of the Hanseatic League and traded through its port of Bremerhaven on the coast. The city’s cathedral is worth some of your time in there with a decoratively painted interior contrasting with the powerfully ornate façade. Look out too for the statue of Roland who was a knight and protector of Hanseatic trade. It’s found right outside the town hall and both are UNESCO protected.

Hanover is south of Hamburg on the E45. Thanks to a concerted wartime bombing campaign, not much remains of old Hanover.  The city hall is stunning though, nestling right on the river’s edge. There’s a great castle in Hanover too, called the Marienburg. You can tour the rooms of the castle as well as enjoy an exhibition of what life was like in the castle during its heyday.

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