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Cyprus Information

Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean and has a wealth of attractions to keep tourists happy. The island is big, meaning that there’s a variety of scenery from beautiful beaches to rugged mountains, deep gorges and sweeping plains. The coast is its main attraction with beautiful beaches backed by five star hotels and with clear warm seas gently washing the golden sands.

Getting to Cyprus is easy, with many companies offering a seasonal charter or scheduled programme of flights whilst some offer year round scheduled flights from several UK airports. The journey time from the UK can be as little as four hours and flights are cheap when booked in advance with the budget carriers.

Once on the island, internal flights operate between Paphos and Larnaca airports and the 45 minute flight time is sufficient to make it almost worthwhile flying instead of driving. Ercan airport in the north is another matter. Journey times include a stopover at Izmir or Dalaman airport adding at least another hour to your flight and once in Cyprus, you can’t fly to either Paphos or Larnaca. Flights to Ercan are much more expensive and many people staying in the north choose to fly to Larnaca and then drive north to their holiday destination.

Cyprus has no railway system and the local joke for foolish people is to call them members of the Cyprus Train Spotters Club. Buses are a cheap alternative to cars and planes and in most parts of the island, a regional one way ticket costs only a euro. You can link up between bus companies to tour the island from around eight euros but the journey times put together with the non-punctual bus times make the journeys frustratingly slow and worrying should a connection be missed. Buses into the mountains are a great experience, for many of them are also delivery vehicles and can often be seen delivering newspapers, magazines or parcels, door to door whilst the Cypriot passengers look on as if this is the normal way to operate a bus service.

Driving on the island can be immensely pleasurable. The motorways are almost totally devoid of traffic outside the cities and from Paphos to Ayia Napa can take as little as two hours. It’s when you come off the motorways that problems begin. There’s a lot of road construction and repair going on at all times and roads can be closed and diversions provided that don’t always direct you back on towards your intended destination. Many roads are not named or appear better on the map than they are in real life.

When all is said and done, the problems are no more than you might expect in a Mediterranean country and with tourists returning year after year to find new places they haven’t visited, Cyprus makes for a great holiday destination, even for those who don’t want the beaches. Take a look at the links from this page to find out what you can do within a fifty mile radius of your arrival point and join the tourists who think of Cyprus as a second home.

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