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Travel broadens the mind they say and despite slowly increasing prices of even the budget flights, you can expand your horizons significantly and quite reasonably by simply checking a gazetteer and booking a flight, hotel and car hire online. But where do you start?

For years, the first place was the travel agents shop where you’d ask where is a nice place to visit and be given an armful of brochures. Then came the internet and cutting out the middleman, saving you pounds but the problem was working out where places like Zadar, Kastoria and Bol were.

This website aims to solve those problems by introducing you to a country then allowing you to choose from familiar and not so familiar destination airports before telling you a little about what there is to see there. We’ll even tell you what you can discover a little further away from the destination if you hire a car and are prepared to venture out for an hour or so on the roads. You’ll discover places you never knew existed and sights that those who only follow the beaten track will never see.
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